The first part of the third season premiered on May 16.

The first part of the third season premiered on May 16.
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"Bridgerton": The 5 best recipes for season 3

Can't get enough of Penelope, Colin, Kate, Anthony and Daphne? No problem. Falstaff reveals the most delicious recipes to bring the Regency era into your own four walls.

"Dearest gentle reader..." – Recently, it's time again for the wonderfully elegant and extravagantly emotional trials and tribulations that flicker across the small screen in the form of the almost cult historical series "Bridgerton". Season three of the successful format, which is Netflix' s No. 1 chart-topper, after splitting Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton's story into two parts, promises to be a whole event once the final episodes are available on Netflix starting June 13.

Falstaff has prepared 5 exquisite recipes that will make your next ball or viewing party at home a complete success. We can't say for sure whether Penelope and Colin will be happy together in the end, but we can say that these creations will make a real impression on loved ones and guests. So buckle up, let's get going!

The 5 best recipes for "Bridgerton"

You've never heard of "Bridgerton"? No problem, please click here for the trailer!


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