Moët & Chandon Réserve Impériale NV

Moët & Chandon Réserve Impériale NV
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Moët & Chandon debuts Réserve Impériale in the UK

New Release Champagne

Millions of bottles of Moët & Chandon’s flagship Brut Impérial are sold around the globe. But there is another, more gastronomic cuvée that is now making its debut in the UK.

The Réserve Impériale NV is not a new wine – but it is new to the UK. In fact, Moët & Chandon have been making it for the last 25 years – at special request from Italy where this more rounded Réserve Impériale is better known than Moët’s Brut Impérial. Now it is finally being introduced in the UK.

A special response

Until now, this wine was only available in France and Italy, but Moët & Chandon’s cellar master Benoît Gouez explains: “We first made this Champagne around 25 years ago in response to calls in Italy for a Moët & Chandon Champagne created specifically for service in restaurants. In answer, we developed a cuvée with the signature taste of Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial but whose winemaking is designed to give a fuller character. This meant that when we heard this same call from the UK, we were ready.”

Fuller and richer

Moët & Chandon themselves describe the Réserve Impériale as “fuller and richer.” This increased roundness and richness is achieved by utilising a slightly higher proportion of Pinot Noir in the blend as well as reserve wines that were aged in oak – “to add the final patina” as Marie-Christine Osselin from Moët’s winemaking team says. The blend also spends 30 months on lees, rather than the 24 months of Brut Impérial. “The blend is totally dedicated to this vinosity and the structure of Pinot Noir.” Osselin says.

The new Réserve Impériale retails at £45 and is now available at selected independent wine merchants in the UK. 


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