Havana Club Don Navarro

Havana Club Don Navarro
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Havana Club unveils Don Navarro limited edition rum

Havana Club has released a limited edition rum in tribute to the late José Pablo Navarro Campa, described as the 'father of Cuban rum'.

Created from an assemblage of aged rums from Havana Club’s exclusive reserves, the limited edition contains some of the Centenario base which was created by Don Navarro more than 40 years ago and gave birth to what is known today as extra aged rums.

Don Navarro devoted 50 years of his life to his passion for rum making, as demonstrated through his creation of Havana Club 7 in the 1970s using continuous ageing techniques.

The new Havana Club expression is described as a rum with a "unique colour and exceptional profile", smooth and elegant but also strong and fervent, reminiscent of Don Navarro.

With a limited production of only 1,000 bottles, Havana Club Don Navarro will be available in Cuba at a RRP of $125 from this month and through The Whisky Exchange in the UK, at an RRP of £130 from November 2022.

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