Betty's Cafe and Tea Rooms in York, UK

Betty's Cafe and Tea Rooms in York, UK

Nestlé and Bettys get in on the Easter act

KitKat sends giant chocolate creation to the village of Bunny while Bettys York branch creates its own individual egg.

Easter has become synonymous with chocolate and the sweet manufacturers and retailers are more than happy to do whatever they can at this time of year to raise the profile of their products.

While the KitKat is closely associated with York where it is manufactured, the company has deposited a 10ft tall chocolate Easter Bunny 100 miles south of the Nestlé factory in the village of Bunny in Nottinghamshire.

For a limited period, it has been renamed Easter Bunny, the giant lagomorph beside the sign carrying 698 KitKat treats, one for every resident of the village.

Lucy Fawcett of KitKat said: “Easter is the perfect time of year to celebrate with the gift of chocolate, and here at Nestlé we’re not the only ones with a spring in our step. It was wonderful to see the thrilled reaction of residents as their village green hosted a very special visit from our giant Easter Bunny, who was of course, bearing some delicious gifts.”

The bunny weighs 50kg and took 305 hours to build. Closer to the spiritual home of the KitKat, the world-famous Bettys Tea Room in York has its own over-sized Easter treat, with an egg in the front window of the store weighing in at 5.4kg and standing at over half a metre in height.

Bettys legendary Imperial Easter Egg even has its own TikTok video showing how it was made, with hand-piped decorations featuring spring blooms and foliage using white chocolate and royal icing. The egg itself can be bought for the price of £375!


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