Easter nests with chocolate bunnies and delicate pralines

Easter nests with chocolate bunnies and delicate pralines
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The Five Most Decadent Easter Eggs

Top chocolatiers elevate Easter indulgence to another level – and price tag! Here are five Easter treats for you to splash out on, including one costing a cool €2,500.

1. L’Oeuf Plume de Pâques, La Maison Du Chocolat, Paris

For an irresistible Easter centrepiece, see if you can still get your hands on this captivating, very limited edition “L’Oeuf Plume de Pâques” from Parisian chocolatier La Maison Du Chocolat.

Just 10 of these 6kg, 45cm high masterpieces were made, each one taking the team of master chocolatiers a week to complete. It’s not difficult to see how. Covered with individually shaped chocolate feathers, the ornate outer chocolate egg cracks open to reveal an inner egg wrapped in 23 carat gold and filled with 750 Easter-themed treats.

Price: €2,500/$2,730
Where to buy: La Maison Du Chocolat website

2. Eggs with Ears, Harvey Nichols, UK

Give your Easter a surreal twist with this stylishly playful creation by ceramic artist Mary Rose Young. Taking inspiration from Alice In Wonderland, the design is colourful, quirky and – with only 30 produced – surely destined to become a collector’s item.

Don’t worry, there’s chocolate involved too. Each ceramic egg contains a clutch of milk chocolate salted caramel truffles. Unlike most Easter eggs, once the chocolates have disappeared, you still have a wonderful piece of art to prolong the pleasure indefinitely.

Price: £140/$183
Where to buy: Harvey Nichols website

3. Atreyu, Tutu And The Magical Dragon, Vosges Chocolates, Chicago

Inspired by an eight-year-old boy’s imagination, this Easter gift from US-based Vosges Chocolates is packed with fantasy. A beautiful display of 17 chocolates comes with its own story book and map, allowing you to follow Atreyu, his cat Tutu and a magical dragon on their wild adventure.

Chocolatier Katrina Markoff trained under fabulously inventive Spanish chef Ferran Adrià of El Bulli fame, so it’s no surprise that the book’s sense of exploration is mirrored in the chocolates themselves. Each mouthful is flavoured with an exotic ingredient such as Ceylon cinnamon, wild raspberry or – every eight year old’s favourite – peanut butter.

Price: $70/€64
Where to buy: Vosges Chocolate website

4. Dark Chocolate Rainbow Egg, Guido Gobino, Turin

One for the design obsessive in your life. Each year Turin chocolatier Guido Gobino unveils his eagerly awaited Easter collection. This year’s chic yet vibrant egg creation represents a celebration of individuality, whether people or – most obviously in this case – chocolate.

In addition to the striking style statement of these bright dots set against a dark chocolate background, each colour corresponds to the individual taste of each small treat hidden inside the egg. You can even arrange for a personalised message to accompany your gift.

Price: €113.50/$123.37
Where to buy: Guido Gobino website

5. Jean-Charles Rochoux, Paris & Tokyo

Ready for a change from the traditional Easter egg? Then treat yourself to an admiring glance through the shop window – although it’s really more akin to an art gallery – of chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux.

This is chocolate as sculpture. Enchanting animals, from Easter-themed rabbits to fish and crocodiles aren’t so much mouth-watering as about to twitch. It’s no surprise such intricate, startlingly lifelike creations have found a following in Japan, with Rochoux recently expanding from his Paris flagship to open a Tokyo atelier.

Where to buy: Jean-Charles Rochoux website

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