Max Cekot Restaurant.

Max Cekot Restaurant.
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Restaurant Guide: The best restaurants in Latvia 2024

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Of the three Baltic countries, Latvia is the easiest to reach, with the capital Riga having by far the most direct flights from Europe. Despite this, Latvian food and restaurants are rela-tively unknown to the wider community. Falstaff's first Latvian Restaurant Guide 2024 gives you 50 good reasons why you should fly to Latvia.

Curiously, Latvia has been the home of one restaurant for almost 30 years. Vincents Restaurant was opened in Riga by the charismatic chef Martins Ritins in 1994. It quickly became Latvia's leading restaurant, setting such high standards that it was hard for anyone else to match. When Martins Ritins died two years ago, however, there was no stagnation. His longtime partner and front-of-house manager Raimonds Tomsons won the ASI World's Best Sommelier award the following year, and the standard of beverage service in Latvian restaurants began to rise magically. Instead of a single leading restaurant, there is now a steering group made up of five.

Latvia's best restaurants are concentrated in the capital, Riga. But within a hundred kilometres of Riga, the districts of Cesis and Valmiera are well worth a gourmet trip for those interested in modern country cooking. Riga is a good starting point for a short trip to other Baltic countries or to Scandinavia. The distances are short and everything you need is about an hour's flight away. It's a great opportunity to experience the wonderful variety of countries and cultures in the Nordic region.



The top 3 in Latvia

Located in a former warehouse, the restaurant first impresses with its exclusive interior. And then immediately with its equally exclusive food. The smooth service is a pleasure to watch. Of course, the best seats in the restaurant are at the chef's table, where you can get closest to the art of cooking.
Jelgavas iela 42
1004 Riga
Dzintars Kristovskis, Latvia's leading expert on local produce, and Raimonds Tomsons, the world's best sommelier, have combined their knowledge and talent to offer the guests of Barents a parade of different flavours and the most distinctive harmony between food and drink. Barents is undoubtedly the most prestigious restaurant in Riga.
Smilšu iela 3
1050 Riga
The former fire station is now all daylight and white. It's the perfect setting to enjoy the unexpected combinations of food and drink that the restaurant has to offer in abundance. Maris Jansons is undoubtedly one of Latvia's finest chefs, and his restaurant is reason enough for a trip to the small town of Cesis, an hour's drive from the capital Riga.
Valmieras iela 1
4101 Cēsis
Aivar Hanson
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