Papakōlea Beach in Hawaii

Papakōlea Beach in Hawaii

The most unusual beaches in the world

Green, whistling, glassy: these beaches fall outside the norm - and that's precisely why they're so fascinating.

A beautiful white sandy beach - this is what many travellers dream of. But there are also beaches that are anything but ordinary:

Exceptionally green: Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii

Imagine lying on a beach whose sand is green - that would be something completely different. Papakōlea Beach in Hawaii owes its unique colour to the mineral olivine, which comes from nearby volcanoes. Here you can sunbathe while surrounded by emerald green sand. And no, you are not dreaming; this place really exists.

Mysterious Whistling: Whistling Sands, Wales

Whistling Sands Beach in Wales has a very special surprise in store. When you walk barefoot on the sand you will hear an unexpected sound: whistling sand. Scientists believe that the shape of the sand grains causes this particular phenomenon. One thing is for sure, a walk provides great amazement.

More than pink: Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Pink sand - doesn't that sound like a fairy tale? But at Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas, this is a reality. The sand here has a soft pink sheen caused by tiny coral fragments mixed in with the white sand. At sunset on this beach you will wonder if you are in a painting.

Glass instead of sand: Glass Beach, California

Imagine a beach made of glass instead of sand. But no, it is not an art project at all, but the "Glass Beach" in California. The explanation is simple: over the years, the sea has ground and polished glass waste until it became smooth, colourful glass stones that now cover the beach. It is a living example of how nature can transform even waste into something beautiful.

Glow in the Night: Maldives Bioluminescent Beach

Another highlight for beach lovers is the Bioluminescent Beach in the Maldives. At night, the beach turns into a sparkling wonderland, thanks to tiny bioluminescent organisms in the water that light up when disturbed.