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Tips and tricks for hot dogs and burgers

Six little tricks that will make your grilled sandwiches even better.

Cuts with flavor

Cuts that are a little tough but have an intense flavor are particularly suitable for burger mince, such as chuck steak, heart or kidney cone or so-called bear meat from the shoulder.

Beware of the Käsekrainer

Käsekrainer are great sausages, even in a hot dog – but they should definitely rest for a few minutes after grilling. If you bite into the freshly grilled sausage too greedily, you will burn your tongue with the cheese lava.

Brioche instead of baguette

Good hotdog buns are not always easy to find. If in doubt, use a brioche for the recipes instead of the baguette-like rolls that we like to sell for Frankfurt hot dogs.

Be gentle with the sausage

Sausages are often mistreated when grilled and cooked too hot and too quickly. The result: they burst open, are burnt on the outside and remain raw on the inside. It is much better to grill them gently and not too quickly. Patience is rewarded with a particularly great taste experience!

Fresh mince

The best minced meat is freshly minced. You can only get perfect results with your own mincer, but also from the butcher on the same day. Minced meat is incomparably better than pre-packaged products from the supermarket.

Only salt afterwards

Very important: Never salt minced meat for burgers before grilling, but always just before or just after grilling – otherwise the consistency of the patty will change and it will be more like a sausage than a burger. Season generously before serving!



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