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Falstaff Wine Guide Germany 2022

Falstaff Wine Guide Germany 2022

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A Portrait - The Korrell Winery
"I am a winemaker with all my heart and focus on the essentials - the best possible quality. My passion is to find the perfect balance with classic, sophisticated grape varieties in just a few wines, to bring them to their strongest expression and to show the greatest depth." (MARTIN KORRELL)

Family with history
The Korrell winery is located in the heart of the Middle Rhine region, on the outskirts of Bad Kreuznach, climatically favored between the Nahelauf and Rheinhessen.

The origin of the Korrell family and winery is in Spain. There, in 1483, it was awarded the family coat of arms with the lion, which still adorns capsules and labels of the wines and is perceived as the trademark of Korrell wines. The Korrells came to the Nahe via France with the Huguenot migration. Viticulture has been practiced here since 1832. Today, Martin Korrell is the sixth generation to run the 30-hectare winery and has led it to the top of the region with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Close connection to the vineyard
Martin Korrell has a close relationship with his vineyards. Manual labor is indispensable in the great terroirs of the Nahe. It is necessary to respond individually to each site, to the grape variety and to the microclimate.
A gradual and selective hand harvest is the culmination of the labor-intensive growing year.

The future of organic viticulture
The most important goal for the future is the consistent conversion of the winegrowing operation to EU certified organic cultivation. Already in August 2020 the application was made.
Out of deep conviction and responsibility for future generations, the winery has already been working sustainably for years.
The EU organic certification is now the logical consequence of the tireless work.


  • Contact Person: Martin Korrell
  • Exhibitions
  • Winemaker: Martin Korrell
  • Tasting room
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Production Style: Conventional
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 29

Opening hours

Mo bis Fr 14–18 Uhr, Sa 10–15 Uhr


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