"Gordon Ramsay Burger" in Las Vegas is one of 58 restaurants the celebrity chef operates worldwide.

"Gordon Ramsay Burger" in Las Vegas is one of 58 restaurants the celebrity chef operates worldwide.
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After 21 years: Gordon Ramsay's head sommelier leaves three-star restaurant

The departure of an experienced sommelier is like the final notes of a gastronomic symphony. An illustrious 21-year journey enters its final stage in London's Chelsea district.

With a touch of sentimentality James Peter Lloyd shared a captivating image of the beginning of his wine career, in the hallowed halls of Gordon Ramsay restaurant 21 years ago. This is where his journey into the hospitality industry began, a journey that would change his life forever. As a young Commis Sommelier in 2002 he entered a field as exciting as it was challenging, guided by the wisdom of great mentors who illuminated his path.

Mentors on the journey

Looking back at the influences that have shaped his career, Lloyd pays tribute to two sommeliers who have had a significant impact on him. His mentor, master sommelier Ronan Sayburn, instilled in him the work ethic characterised by professionalism, in-depth knowledge and hard work. In addition, the legacy of the late Gerard Basset as a world-renowned sommelier continues to inspire sommeliers around the world with his infectious enthusiasm and passion for the craft, he said.

What drives the top sommelier?

In an interview with the trade magazine The World of Fine Wine a few years ago, the top sommelier gave insights into his work. For Lloyd, the joy of being a sommelier is guiding guests through an unforgettable wine experience. The satisfaction of knowing that a wine combination or a particular bottle has pleased the discerning palate of guests is a reward like no other, he says. Orchestrating symphonies of flavours with a wine accompaniment is a satisfaction for him, he says. And to see the magic unfold when wine and dishes harmonise to create unforgettable memories for guests.

No wine region has captivated him more than Italy. The country's wine landscape, which is constantly evolving with forward-thinking producers, has reignited his fascination with Italian wines, which he particularly appreciates for their exquisite pairings with food and the deep connection between tradition and innovation, he said. Creating a three-star wine pairing at Gordon Ramsay restaurant, he says, requires tireless effort and dedication: a labour of love characterised by careful selection, clever sourcing and the search for hidden treasures.

Where is the journey heading?

Lloyd's exact plans currently remain a secret, but it is obvious that the wine industry will continue to benefit from his expertise and passion. With a twinkle in his eye, he hints at the possibility of getting involved in winemaking and possibly creating his own wines.

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