Aircraft can be flown on a fully automated basis

Aircraft can be flown on a fully automated basis

Airline chief admits one-pilot planes possible with technological advances

Artificial Intelligence very much in airlines’ thinking according to Emirates president Tim Clark.

With news on AI (artificial intelligence) developments in the media on a seemingly daily basis, it is perhaps unsurprising to find its effects on global travel now being openly discussed.

The latest to weigh in on the debate is Tim Clark, president of Emirates airline, who was happy to admit that AI co-pilots could soon be helping fly travellers to their destinations. The revelation is unsurprising as much of an aircraft’s flying is already conducted by the automatic pilot, but Clark took it a little further when speaking to American channel, CNBC.

“You might see a one-pilot aircraft,” said Clark. “Could the aircraft be flown on a fully automated basis? Yes, it could, technology is right up there now.

“[But passengers] like to think there are two pilots up there. There will always be somebody on the flight deck in my view.”

It appears from Clark’s comments that are no plans soon to dispense with the services of the human pilot, with passengers clearly reassured by the presence of at least one sentient being in the cockpit.

“A lot of people are concerned about what AI should and shouldn’t be doing,” added Clark. “But if you’re in business and you’ve got something as powerful as this coming along and you’re very processes driven, manpower intensive, you’ve got to take time to look at what this could do to improve what you do.”

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