Cheapest and most expensive pints

Cheapest and most expensive pints

Beer price study finds the globe’s lowest cost of a pint just £0.67

Study into the price of beer sees Tashkent offering the lowest price (£0.67), and Doha in Qatar the most expensive (£11.37).

As the cost of beer rises across the globe, those who like nothing better than sinking a glass or two of the amber nectar when visiting a country will be interested at the latest research that lists the cheapest places on the planet to buy a pint – and the most expensive.

The study was carried out by UK-based comparison site, Finder, with the less than startling news that what many consider the home of the pint, London, is relatively expensive to buy a beer – an average cost of £5.99 (approx. €6.82) for a 568ml glass of beer. It’s not all bad news in the UK, with Derby the cheapest charging an average £3 (€3.41) for pint, while the UK average as a whole is £4.12.

The cheapest pint worldwide is an astonishing £5.32 below the London mark, but to get your hands on a £0.67 (€0.76) beer you’ll have to travel to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. If you’re planning a trip to the African continent in search of a cheap drink then head for Sierra Leone, with capital Freetown offering pints at an average price of just £0.74, closely followed in third place by Yangon in Myanmar, at £0.75.

The recent World Cup was beset by stories of expensive alcoholic drinks, so it’s not surprising to find Qatar topping the expensive list with the average cost of a beer in Doha a staggering £11.37 (€12.93). It is followed by several Arabic nations on the expensive list, with the first European destination coming in 5th spot – Reykjavik in Iceland, where the average cost of a pint is £7.53 (€8.56).

The cities with the cheapest beer

  1. Tashkent, Uzbekistan             £0.67
  2. Freetown, Sierra Leone £0.74
  3. Yangon, Myanmar £0.75
  4. Antananarivo, Madagascar £0.76
  5. Bogota, Colombia             £0.76

The cities with most expensive beer

  1. Doha, Qatar                        £11.37
  2. Dubai, UAE                        £10.82
  3. Muscat, Oman                                    £9.80
  4. Manama, Bahrain                        £8.13
  5. Reykjavik, Iceland                        £7.53

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Adam Murray
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