Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham tops UK list in airport delays league table

Which? Travel labels 2022 as a year of “chaos” for airline travellers

It’s an all too regular occurrence for those travelling by aircraft, with the latest UK league table revealing that Birmingham Airport tops the list for delays in flights.

The figures from the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) show that departures from the West Midlands travel hub were on average half an hour behind schedule, Birmingham ranked the worst for the second year running.

Second place was shared between Manchester and the now closed Doncaster Sheffield, with average delays of 29 minutes at both airports. The big two, Heathrow (22 minutes) and Gatwick (27 minutes), came in at ninth and fifth spots respectively.

The overall figures were disappointing, with closer inspection revealing that the worst months for delays were May and June, the aviation sector seen as failing to recruit enough staff to cope with the early season surge in demand.

“Your choice of airport shouldn't make or break your trip, but for too many travellers last year that was sadly their experience,” said Rory Boland, editor of Which? Travel, who labelled last year as “chaotic” for travellers.

List of average delay times at UK airports

  1. Birmingham – 30 minutes

=2   Doncaster Sheffield – 29 minutes (now closed)

=2   Manchester – 29 minutes

  1. Luton – 28 minutes
  2. Gatwick – 27 minutes
  3. Bristol – 26 minutes

=7   Cardiff – 24 minutes

=7   Edinburgh – 24 minutes

  1. Heathrow – 22 minutes
    =10 Newcastle – 21 minutes

=10 Aberdeen – 21 minutes

=10 Isle of Man – 21 minutes

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Adam Murray
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