Mapping out the best pubs in the UK

Mapping out the best pubs in the UK

Dream job alert: Travel, drink beer and stay overnight in a motorhome

Motorhome membership company Brit Homes is seeking a ‘Pint Chaser’ to visit over 750 pubs.

For many it would undoubtedly be the job of their dreams: travel round the UK, drink beer and leave reviews on social media about their adventures.

The post of ‘Pint Chaser’ is being advertised by Brit Stops, a motorhome membership company, requiring the lucky applicant to travel the country mapping out the best pubs while staying overnight in a motorhome.

And for those who do not have their own motorhome or campervan, fear not, Brit Stops will provide one, or alternatively paying costs if the successful candidate already owns one; they will also pay for one beverage at each stop, provide a daily stipend for the trip, and the lucky candidate gets a lifetime Brit Stops membership.

“Part of our mission at Brit Stops is to help travellers discover the hidden gems right here in the UK, all while supporting small businesses along the way – and some of these destinations include lovely rural pubs that your average tourist would never typically encounter,” said Tom Clark, General Manager of Brit Stops.

“We are excited to fill this new position and map out the UK’s ultimate pub trail for adventurous travellers.”

To apply for its first ever ‘Pint Chaser’ role, applicants must be aged 18 or over, possess a driver’s licence, have a passion for beer and adventure, and display the evidence of that passion. They will need to share photos or videos enjoying a pint at the 750-plus pub locations while travelling, and one paragraph detailing their road trip mapping capabilities.

The organisation has a network of breweries, vineyards, farms, country estates and more than 750 pubs, and is looking to create a ‘Pub Trail’ for motorhome tourists of the UK’s best pubs and pints.

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