More restaurants are going completely meat-free.

More restaurants are going completely meat-free.
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UK pub is the first to serve only plant-based food

Warwickshire venue offering diners a vegan Sunday carvery.

It’s a tradition that has been enjoyed by generations in the UK, but now one British pub is ditching the traditional Sunday roast for a vegan alternative.

The Barn in Warwickshire has become what is believed to be the first pub in Britain to serve only plant-based dishes, including a vegan Sunday carvery with offerings including tofurkey (tofu turkey), vegan gammon, plant-based sausages and nut roast.

Head chef and co-owner Ben Stead Davis said: “People worry about getting their protein from a vegan diet, but they forget that beans and tofu contain more protein than steak.”

While the decision to go completely meat-free wasn’t welcomed by all, the pub in Willey, near Rugby, has attracted lots of support from the vegan community with the ‘fully booked’ signs going up regularly on Sundays.

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