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Jacob Holmström is back with new restaurant by the beach

Jacob Holmström, renowned as one of Sweden’s most esteemed chefs, has recently launched his latest culinary venture, Restaurant Fyr, situated on the scenic Swedish west coast. Nestled by the beach, the restaurant boasts stunning views of the sea, providing diners with a captivating backdrop for their dining experience.

The opening of Restaurant Fyr marks a significant highlight in this year’s Swedish restaurant scene. Chef-owner Jacob Holmström, previously celebrated for his work at the two-starred restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm and his contributions to esteemed establishments in cities such as Oslo and Paris, has chosen to return to his roots in Halmstad, his hometown, alongside his family.

Reflecting on his decision, Jacob shares: “When we closed Gastrologik, I wasn't sure what to do next, so I took a sabbatical year. The plan was to take on some freelance projects and travel, something I hadn't had the chance to do before.” Just before embarking on vacation last year, Jacob and his wife, Emelie Leijon, stumbled upon a restaurant for sale in the picturesque Tylösand right by the beach. With a mutual agreement to embark on this new venture together, they decided to explore the opportunity further.

“We went to see it, and the location is absolutely fantastic. The restaurant is completely different from anything I've done before. Gastrologik had 23 seats, and here it's 675 square meters”, Jacob reveals. Restaurant Fyr set to focus on fish and seafood, drawing inspiration from Australian chef Josh Niland’s renowned book "The Whole Fish" and his establishments in Sydney, where he showcases the best of the sea.

Jacob elaborates: “Last year, I traveled a lot and visited Josh Niland's restaurants, and that's where the idea was born. But we also have something for those who enjoy meat.” While Gastrologik was known for its modern new Nordic fine dining experience, Jacob remains true to his gastronomic vision at Fyr while also exploring culinary territories beyond the Nordic region.

“The emphasis is on Swedish ingredients, but I will also incorporate, for example, citrus fruits and vanilla”, Jacob explains. The menu at Restaurant Fyr offers a diverse selection, featuring Swedish oysters from the island of Orust, vendace roe served with potato cakes and soured cream, turbot with vegetables and sauce vin-blanc and grilled lobster with sauce on the head, carrot, and chervil.

Restaurant Fyr stands as a testament to familial collaboration, with Emelie taking on the role of home decor, glass, and porcelain designer. “We knew we wanted to do something together, and when we found the restaurant, it just felt right”, concludes Jacob, expressing the shared enthusiasm for their latest culinary venture.


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Tove Oskarsson Henckel
Tove Oskarsson Henckel
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