Amsterdam Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol

New high-tech security system to be launched at hub airport

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Amsterdam Schiphol teams up with Pangiam to utilise AI to screen passengers’ hand luggage.

A new high tech system allowing hand luggage to be screened quickly and safely will be trialled at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The system uses artificial intelligence, AI, and algorithms to screen passengers’ belongings, able to quickly identify items that are either prohibited or represent a security risk.

The system is being provided by Pangiam, a company that also sells facial-recognition technology to governments, with the firm also revealing it will able to “identify threats not previously detectable to individual security officers”.

The move has caused some to question whether it will spell the beginning of the end for security staff at airports, a claim that was quickly rejected by Schiphol’s security chief, Philip van Noort.

“We are fully committed to recruiting security colleagues and have been increasing the productivity of our security equipment recently, of course without compromising on the quality of security,” said van Noort. “In the future, this collaboration can contribute to more comfort for travellers thanks to secure and faster hand baggage screening.”

Schipol has faced criticism over recent months with passengers experiencing long security queues at one of Europe’s busiest airports, the new technology hopefully able to alleviate some of those waits for travellers.

Last year Schiphol became the first European airport to introduce CT scanners, allowing security staff to closely inspect luggage at speed and identify the smallest of prohibited items.

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