London City Airport

London City Airport
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London City the first UK airport to scrap the 100ml liquids rule

New scanners at LCY should be up and running in time for the Easter holidays.

The decision to end the 100ml liquids rule will see London’s City Airport (LCY) become the first in the UK to allow passengers to carry up to two litres of liquid on board an aircraft – the restrictions removed in time for the Easter holiday season.

While all UK airports will dump the rule next year, LCY is taking advantage of its decision to bring in CT scanners in the next few weeks, all the airport’s old scanners replaced by the end of March.

The new system will allow a full security check of passengers’ hand luggage, the ability to produce a 3D scan also negating the need for customers to remove individual items like laptops from their bags.

It was 2006 that the 100ml rule was implemented following a terror plot to carry liquid explosives concealed inside drinks bottles; the attempt to bring down aircraft over the Atlantic thwarted by British intelligence agencies working with their counterparts in the US and Pakistan.

Seventeen years later and the liquids rule is being relaxed, with Robert Sinclair, London City Airport's chief executive, hopeful it will reduce the time taken to get through airport security. He said: “The new lanes will not only cut hassle but also queuing times, which I know passengers will love.”

A number of the new scanners will be rolled out across all major UK airports over the next 16 months, the Government targeting a deadline of June 2024 to install the new technology.

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