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New York's best addresses: Skyscraper-level dining

The city is a paradise for gourmets and has the highest quality on offer in every culinary field. Falstaff names the currently most recommendable restaurants that the city has to offer.

The spectacular view from the 62nd floor would normally be unbeatable competition, but at "Saga" you hardly want to take your eyes off the plates. Finally, the restaurant, which opened in 2021 and was already awarded two Michelin stars last year, will serve a debauched, exciting tasting menu - for nearly four hours, course by course. And yet the gaze keeps wandering outside: to the skyscrapers of New York's Financial District towering all around, and the vast street canyons of the metropolis of millions, where the next culinary temptation is often barely more than a block away. After all, the restaurant scene here is just as lively, electrifying and cosmopolitan in the most diverse ways as the city itself.

Comeback despite shocks

Well over 18,000 restaurants are said to exist throughout New York, even after the pandemic - much of it in Manhattan. For decades, therefore, you could eat there every day in a different restaurant. But how do you keep track of everything in this culinary frenzy? Especially if you're only in town for a few days? Just thinking about all the possibilities is immensely appetising, but at the same time exhausting. The following recommendations across the city's opulent spectrum should help you find your way around - from gourmet addresses to traditional delis, from New Korean cuisine to current "it" restaurants.

Most recently, the city's ever-vital restaurant business has experienced some tough shocks: pandemic, staff shortages, inflation. Not to mention that many of the new openings close their doors again after five years at the latest. But when one restaurant closes, a new one usually opens quickly. Everything seems to be permanently in motion in Manhattan, while culinary trends are set again and again, which then spill out from here further into the world.

Im »Wallsé« hat sich der österreichische Starkoch Kurt Gutenbrunner mit seiner 
US-Interpretation der Wiener Küche in die kulinarische Topliga gekocht.
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Im »Wallsé« hat sich der österreichische Starkoch Kurt Gutenbrunner mit seiner US-Interpretation der Wiener Küche in die kulinarische Topliga gekocht.

Haute cuisine: world-class food

Traditional classics of high cuisine and hip gourmet temples have always been found side by side in New York. So whether you like it more classic or innovative, the city is a mecca for gourmets.

Amidst the constant change in New York's restaurant spectrum, they still exis tt;he resilient restaurant classics. The iconic Gramercy Tavern, nearly 30 years after it was founded by Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio, consistently ranks among the city's best restaurants for its world-class American cuisine. And the "Balthazar," with its typical brasserie ambience and French classics, from onion soup to the popular steak frites, has also been able to retain its special atmosphere in SoHo for 26 years. The Grand Central Oyster Bar, which is as much a part of the impressive station as the trains, has lasted even longer. New Yorkers' appetite for seafood is unbroken; for 110 years, fresh, quite excellent oysters have been served there under the tile-covered ceiling arches - over two million are said to be served each year.

Hoch gelegenes Restaurant, höchstes Niveau: Im »Saga« wird man mit doppelt Michelin-prämierten Degustationsmenüs verwöhnt.
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Hoch gelegenes Restaurant, höchstes Niveau: Im »Saga« wird man mit doppelt Michelin-prämierten Degustationsmenüs verwöhnt.

70 restaurants with at least one Michelin star currently exist in New York. Only in a few cities worldwide are there more. The spearhead includes restaurants such as "Le Bernardin" with outstanding fish and seafood creations and three stars. In addition, many top international chefs have started their careers in Manhattan or at least want to be present in this prestigious culinary powerhouse - like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the global gourmet great who serves top-class French cuisine at the two-star restaurant "Jean-Georges" in Central Park, among other places.

"Eleven Madison Park" is also a fine-dining institution, and has been since the 1990s. Two years ago, Daniel Humm changed the concept of the restaurant in a radical and revolutionary way: duck and foie gras are a thing of the past. In the elegant ambience of an Art Deco house in Madison Square Park, vegan food has been served ever since - plant-based and at the highest level with three Michelin stars. In this way, the exceptional restaurant reflects the ongoing trend towards meatlessness, which is being continued time and again in new restaurants such as the vegan brasserie "Anixi".

Im »Le Bernadin« bekommt man ausgezeichnete Fisch- und Meeresfrüchtegerichte
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Im »Le Bernadin« bekommt man ausgezeichnete Fisch- und Meeresfrüchtegerichte

New York's Haute Cuisine Stars


First-class French cuisine with Asian influences in the flagship restaurant of master chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Two Michelin stars.


Gramercy Tavern

Legendary restaurant that is all about modern US cuisine.


The Modern

"The Modern" (two Michelin stars) at MoMA offers not only a view of the museum's sculpture garden, but also excellent as well as contemporary American cuisine.


Le Bernardin

At "Le Bernardin" you can experience culinary art with a focus on fish and seafood. The offer is extended by excellent vegetarian menus. Awarded with three Michelin stars.


Eleven Madison Park

Two years ago, Eleven Madison Park switched to purely plant-based menus, and it quickly became clear that nowhere in Manhattan does vegan food better than at this three-Michelin-starred restaurant.



The Wiener Schnitzel isn't the only thing that stands out: even after more than 20 years, "Wallsé" is still a top address in Manhattan for European cuisine with an Austrian focus.



Since its opening last year, the "Koloman" has been creating excitement; with Austrian cuisine at the cutting edge.



The view from the 62nd floor is breathtaking. The menus at "Saga," which received two Michelin stars a year after opening, are in no way inferior.


Grand Central Oyster Bar

Oysters in many variations - the "Oyster Bar" in Grand Central Station is a Manhattan classic.



At the two-star restaurant "Ko" in the East Village, the Asian-influenced omakase menu of about ten courses is frequently changed - yet always remains at the highest level.



A feast for the senses in an elegant atmosphere are Daniel Boulud's French creations, for which he was awarded two Michelin stars.


caviar caspia

Recently opened, a branch of the Paris -institution, which is also all about the luxurious fish roe.


Per se

Gourmet restaurant of the famous chef Thomas Keller, where New American Cuisine with French influences is served.



The walls full of art and French-American dishes on the plate. The iconic "Raoul's" is a SoHo institution.



Famous brasserie with lively atmosphere and French classics on the menu.


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