Death Road in Bolivia

Death Road in Bolivia

The most dangerous bus rides in Central and South America

Travellers need extra strong nerves on these journeys – for example on the notorious Death Road in Bolivia.

These are some of the most dangerous bus rides in Central and South America, based on travellers’ experiences:

Death Road in Bolivia

Known as the most dangerous road in the world, the North Yungas Road, often called ‘Death Road’, in Bolivia is extremely challenging for bus drivers. It winds along steep slopes with drops of over 600 metres, and is often hit by fog, rain and landslides.

The Panamericana in Costa Rica

The Panamericana, also known as the Interamericana, is notorious for its dangerous stretches, especially in Costa Rica. The winding route through the mountains is known for its sudden fog banks and heavy rains, which can significantly reduce visibility and see road conditions deteriorate.

The Trampoline of Death in Colombia

The Trampoline of Death, a narrow, winding road connecting Mocoa and Pasto in Colombia, is another challenge. It winds through the Andes and is often affected by fog and heavy rain, which causes landslides and makes the already dangerous journey even riskier.

Trampoline of Death in Colombia.
Trampoline of Death in Colombia.

The Guatemalan Ruta Nacional 14

In Guatemala, Ruta Nacional 14, which connects the cities of Escuintla and Chimaltenango, is particularly dangerous. It runs along the slopes of the active volcano Fuego, where deadly pyroclastic flows are frequent, especially during the rainy season when landslides are common.

The Carretera Federal 1 in Mexico

The Carretera Federal 1, which stretches across the entire Baja California in Mexico, is known for its sharp curves, narrow lanes and lack of lighting. In addition, fuel shortages and the remoteness of many sections can make the journey particularly dangerous.

The James Dalton Highway in Alaska

Although not located in Central or South America, the James Dalton Highway in Alaska deserves a special mention due to its extreme conditions and remoteness. This road, famous for its portrayal in the TV show Ice Road Truckers, is one of the loneliest roads in the world, with only three towns along its entire length of over 400 miles.

Despite the risks and challenges these roads present, they are vital transport routes for many people in these regions. They are a reminder that the simplest journey can become an adventure under certain conditions. It is always important to exercise the utmost caution on such journeys and to take into account local conditions and warnings.

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