Perfume ban at London restaurant

Perfume ban at London restaurant

Top London sushi restaurant to impose perfume ban

Sushi Kanesaka at Park Lane Dorchester aims to ensure customers don’t distract from aroma of the venue.

Splashing on cologne or liberally spraying perfume may be part of big night out for diners, especially those willing to shell out over £400 for dinner, but at one new London restaurant that particularly dressing routine is strictly a no-no.

July 1 will see the opening of Sushi Kanesaka at 45 Park Lane Dorchester, the first eatery outside of Asia Pacific by omakase chef Shinji Kanesaka, and the request to “refrain from wearing perfume” is proving a little contentious.

The idea is believed to be aimed at helping ensure the aroma of the rice vinegar used to flavour the starch is not “overpowered or distracted from”.

The dress code on the restaurant website states: “We encourage ‘smart casual’ attire at Sushi Kanesaka. We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing sportswear, caps or trainers in our restaurant,” before adding: “To ensure the best sushi experience for you and your fellow diners, we kindly request that you refrain from wearing perfume.”

While some have dismissed the move as “nonsense”, others have highlighted the fact that a perfume ban is standard practice for staff at many restaurants.

In keeping with Japanese tradition, the 13-seat restaurant is hosted by an okami, Nanami-san, who aims to ensure guest experience is unparalleled. Diners can enjoy up to 20 courses prepared in front of them, at a cost of £420 per person.

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