Uber adds new features

Uber adds new features

Uber introduces new features for airports worldwide

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New updates to the Uber app will help users locate and call drivers faster, as well as plan when to book rides at hundreds of airports around the world.

Currently one of the most popular ride-hailing apps in the world, Uber is already used for booking taxis for those heading to and from airports. However, the company noticed that many airports are large and confusing, leading customers to take longer than expected to get through baggage claim and security. Likewise, pick-up areas can be hectic, with many taxi companies, shuttle buses and other transport in one area. The app has recently launched a number of new features which aim to solve these issues for its users.

Step-by-step directions

In order to help travellers accurately find where to meet their Uber driver, the app will now have step-by-step directions, including up-to-date images, on how to find the Uber pick-up area right from your arrival gate. This particular feature is currently in action in 30 airports worldwide, including JFK, LAX and London Heathrow, but the company plans to roll it out in more major airports in future. Previously, Uber Reserve, which was introduced in 2021, allowed users to book a ride 30 days in advance. However, this has now been extended to 90 days allowing travellers to ensure they have a ride ahead of time or even at the time they book their flight and see exactly what the cost will be. Uber Reserve is also being expanded to allow people to book Uber XL, Green, and Comfort rides. This update is currently only available across the US and Canada. Additionally, there will be a brand-new type of ride added, called Business Comfort, exclusive to Uber for Business, for workers requiring a comfortable, business-class ride to the airport

New features

Another new feature is the app’s walking ETAs, which means travellers will get exact timings for how long it will take them to pass through baggage claim, request a ride and meet their Uber, allowing for more accurate bookings and less waiting time for drivers at over 400 airports worldwide. Passengers will be able to see their time estimate and make a booking at the correct moment, rather than waiting around or booking last minute. According to Uber, the new features are being implemented to streamline the airport experience now that travel is back in full swing. Similarly, they anticipate that the improvements will not only help riders find drivers faster but reduce traffic congestion at airports.

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