European countries traditionally have a higher amount of alcohol consumed per person.

European countries traditionally have a higher amount of alcohol consumed per person.
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Which Countries Drink the Most Alcohol?

Data on alcohol consumption in countries around the world shows some surprising results.

Alcohol has played a significant role in the leisure time of many in today’s society, and its usage dates back centuries. For many, it plays a crucial part in their social engagement, allowing individuals to bond more easily. Alcohol consumption, however, holds many risks regarding health, both physical and mental, and can also play a part in society’s ills, such as crime.

In various countries across the world, alcohol has a different meaning and placement in society; basically, it is more common for people to drink regularly in some countries than in others.

Looking at the amount of alcohol consumed per person aged 15 years or older, the Seychelles is in first place with around 20.5 litres of alcohol drunk per person per year, according to Our World in Data; studies show that young male peer groups primarily drink high amounts of alcohol in the Seychelles. Second place on the rankings list is Uganda with about 15 litres per year, followed by the Czech Republic with 14.45 litres, and Lithuania with 13.22 litres per year.

To account for the differences in alcohol content of various drinks (e.g. wine or beer), the values are reported in litres of pure alcohol per year. The global average consumption was 6.18 litres per person in 2018, the last year available, and as wine contains around 12 per cent of pure alcohol per volume, this equates to 53 bottles of wine per person.

Top 15 Countries Alcohol Consumption

  1. Seychelles: 20.50 litres
  2. Uganda: 15.09 litres
  3. Czech Republic: 14.45 litres
  4. Lithuania: 13.22 litres
  5. Luxembourg: 12.94 litres
  6. Germany: 12.91 litres
  7. Ireland: 12.88 litres
  8. Latvia: 12.77 litres
  9. Spain: 12.72 litres
  10. Bulgaria: 12.65 litres
  11. France: 12.33 litres
  12. Burkina Faso: 12.03 litres
  13. Portugal: 12.03 litres
  14. Austria: 11.96 litres
  15. Slovenia: 11.90 litres

Drinking habits

Similar drinking habits and amounts are shown in European countries such as Luxembourg with 12.94 litres, Germany with 12.91 litres, and Ireland with 12.88 litres. Eighth on the ranking is Latvia with 12.77 litres, followed by Spain with 12.72 litres. The top ten of highest alcohol consumption per person concludes with Bulgaria, 12.65 litres per person per year.

Given the data provided by Our World in Data, it is safe to say that European countries traditionally have a higher amount of alcohol consumed per person, 12 of the top 15 are in Europe. Figures also reveal that North Africa and the Middle East show a relatively low amount of alcohol intake.

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