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A Sip of History: Vermouth di Torino's Triumph in the USA

In the grand symphony of spirits, Vermouth di Torino has just hit a high note, securing its spot as a Certification Mark in the vast and discerning landscape of the United States.

Turin, the city where this aromatic elixir first danced across discerning palates, can now raise a toast to a new milestone in the global appreciation of this iconic drink.

The journey to this Certification Mark has been no stroll through the vineyards. It's the result of three years of meticulous effort by the Consortium of Vermouth di Torino PGI, a collective determined to protect and elevate the status of this renowned aromatised wine with a Protected Geographical Indication. The significance of this achievement isn't lost on Roberto Bava, the President of the Consortium, who notes, "The US Certification Mark is not always a straightforward feat. It required the collaborative effort of the Consortium and the venerable Vermouth di Torino manufacturers, who generously opened their archives to substantiate the continuous presence of this elixir on US shores since 1866."

Pierstefano Berta, the Director of the Consortium, emphasises the ongoing commitment to safeguarding consumers from misleading practices. "Our work extends beyond borders, aligning with global institutions to fortify Vermouth di Torino's standing. The USA, with its appreciation for our libation in the mixology scene, was a crucial step in securing our market share."

This US Certification Mark is not just a stamp on a label; it's the capstone of a global journey. Vermouth di Torino has already woven a protective web around its name and trademarks in Europe and beyond, making this certification a strategic move in the relentless pursuit of consumer protection and quality enhancement.

The Vermouth di Torino

Picture a sip that spans centuries - that's Vermouth di Torino. An Italian aromatic wine with a storied past, revered even at the royal court of Savoy. The name itself whispers of its primary aromatic base, Artemisia absinthium, or wormwood in layman's terms. From the 15th-century artisanal beginnings to its 18th-century fame beyond borders, Vermouth di Torino evolved into the convivial aperitif we know today. Its colour and sweetness vary, from White and Amber to Rosé or Red, reflecting the nuances of its Piedmont roots.

Vermouth di Torino Superiore, a designation for those with an alcoholic strength of no less than 17% vol., crafted with at least 50% Piedmont wines and flavoured with local herbs, marks the pinnacle of this aromatic journey.

The Consortium of Vermouth di Torino

Established in 2019, this alliance of 35 historic producers aims to protect, promote, and elevate the Vermouth di Torino denomination. It's not just about guarding labels; it's about imparting technical expertise, ensuring the correct application of Geographical Indication, and championing responsible consumption.

Vermouth di Torino stands as a testament to the delicate dance between history and modernity. As the Consortium toasts to its US Certification Mark, one can't help but anticipate the continued global rise of this aromatic juggernaut.

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