Vegan restaurants are becoming well-established on the UK dining scene.

Vegan restaurants are becoming well-established on the UK dining scene.
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Brighton restaurant named one of the best in the world

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A top vegan restaurant in Brighton was one of just three in the UK to make it onto the list of the world’s best restaurants.

The Financial Times released its exclusive list of the world’s best vegan restaurants. Popular Brighton establishment Terre à Terre was named alongside Tofu Vegan in London and Oak in Bath. The restaurant is frequently named one of the best in the UK for both vegans and vegetarians, and was awarded a Michelin Plate in 2021. The restaurant was founded 30 years ago, in 1993 by chefs Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor. To this day, their restaurant on East Street remains almost entirely vegan, as well as promoting sustainability via recycling, waste management and ethically sourced ingredients. Their dishes, which often use organic or locally grown ingredients, include smoked mushroom croquettes, teriyaki fried tofu and tempura hen-of-the-woods.

Alongside their delicious a la carte menu, they offer a large selection of drinks which aims to showcase local wines and spirits, and all of their wines are either organic or biodynamic. Oak in Bath was also awarded a place on the list, which is a restaurant using only seasonal produce and organic, biodynamic and low-intervention ingredients, as well as locally produced natural wines. The final UK restaurant, Tofu Vegan, has already established itself as one of London’s most popular plant-based eateries, using ingredients such as mushrooms and faux meats to create Asian-inspired dishes.

Currently, a growing number of vegan restaurants are becoming well-established on the UK dining scene, with chains such as Mildred’s leading the way in making plant-based cooking mainstream. Outside of the UK, the Financial Times named restaurants in India, Australia and Indonesia on their list of vegan restaurants, including the renowned Yellow in Sydney and Alchemy in Bali.

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