Vegan burger

Vegan burger

Fast-food restaurant goes meat-free for a month


Burger King in Copenhagen will offer only vegan burgers after undergoing extensive deep clean.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but one Burger King restaurant in Denmark is going meat-free for a month with the establishment undergoing an extensive cleaning programme ahead of its vegetarian rebirth.

The Copenhagen branch of probably the second most-famous fast-food establishment on the planet opens up again on March 15 and, for one month only, the only non-vegan products available will be sauces containing milk or eggs, items which will be clearly marked.

The idea follows on from similar projects run in Sweden and Norway, but the scheme at the Rådhuspladsen branch will be on a much larger scale, with Carsten Lambrecht of the fast-food chain saying it will also give the company the chance to test out new products.

“By opening a restaurant that only serves plant-based and meat-free alternatives, we get a good opportunity to test products that are not yet part of our traditional menu,” said Lambrecht.

The burgers will be made using The Vegetarian Butcher patties said to ‘look and taste like real chicken’. Those who want fully vegan offerings will be able to order burgers without sauces, with additional toppings available that will include plant-based bacon and vegan cheese.

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