Train de Charlevoix

Train de Charlevoix
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Canadian tourist hotspot launches green train this summer

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Quebec route will be zero-emission with hydrogen replacing usual diesel service.

Zero-emission travel is the dream for much of the transport sector with the latest service launching in North America in June.

A hydrogen-powered train will operate from Quebec City and its route will link two popular tourist destinations, Parc de la Chute-Montmorency and Baie-Saint-Paul, the idea developed by French green energy producer Alstom. The train will run at a maximum speed of around 85mph, using both hydrogen and oxygen as the power source to create electrical energy.

The only waste product produced by Train de Charlevoix will be water vapour, the service following on from Germany’s launch last year of Cordadia iLint which replaced 14 diesel trains that operated in Lower Saxony; their hydrogen-powered trains also made by Alstom.

The Canadian trains will run from June 17 to October 22, operating Wednesday through to Saturday; round-trip ticket prices start at $99 for adults and $69 for children. The train will also offer an Eco-Agro tour, guides taking passengers to three local breweries to sample beers and learn about the brewing process in the region and hear about their plans to make the industry more sustainable.

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