Core Pack by Djuce

Core Pack by Djuce
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Djuce launches collection of Italian natural wines

The canned wine company presents five new single-serve offerings.

Swedish wine brand Djuce has launched a new collection of five natural wines: the ‘Core Collection’ comes in single-serve sizes (187 ml) with a price tag of €59 for a selection of 12 cans.

Since launching in 2022, the company has released 17 limited-edition wines in cans, collaborating with European winemakers like Verget, Meinklang and Heinrich.

“We want to make great natural wine accessible, affordable and sustainable for everyone,” said Pontus Lindqvist, Head of Wine at Djuce.

“The playfulness of the smaller one-glass-size cans is also perfect for the restaurant, dance floor, buzzing dinners, or back pockets.”

The Core Pack is 12 cans featuring five wines – a juicy orange wine (2), a crisp white (2), a fizzy white (3), a light-bodied red (2) and a rosé spritz (3) – all of which are made in Italy, unfiltered, and with minimal levels of sulphites. The cans feature five animal-head characters designed by Stockholm artist Johan Alenius.

“We made one of our first limited wines with Johan and his mouse illustration. People just seem to instinctively love that artwork, so when we started talking about designing our own permanent collection it felt natural to involve Johan and his characters,” said Victor Köhler, creative director at Djuce.

The new collection is available at the online store of Djuce (€59, free shipping). It can also be found in stores and restaurants in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Ibiza, Latvia, and soon to be launched in the US.


Robert Prazak
Robert Prazak
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