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From gastro to vacation villa: the Eselböck family opens a culinary oasis in Istria

A new paradise for connoisseurs: The Eselböcks invite you on a culinary journey to Istria.

Eveline and Walter Eselböck, well-known names in the Austrian gastronomy scene, have decided to break new ground. Now that their renowned restaurant "Taubenkobel" is being successfully run by their daughter Barbara and son-in-law Alain Weissgerber, they have chosen Croatia as their new travel destination. But anyone who thinks that the dynamic duo will simply sit back and relax is mistaken. Their love of hospitality lives on, now also in their new home in Istria.

The Eselböcks fell in love with picturesque Lovran, south of Opatija, a few years ago. The couple's dream of staying there became reality. Villa Evelina, a 500 square meter property on a hill overlooking the sea and a five-hectare olive grove, is their new home. The villa offers four lovingly designed bedrooms, a stylish living room with an open fireplace, a heated pool in the garden and an outdoor sauna. The Eselböcks' love of art and design is reflected in the entire interior. The villa offers space for six to ten people and can also be rented out.

Culinary highlights from the two-star chef

In addition to their villa, they have opened the boutique hotel Villa Valter in the old town of Lovran. It offers several rooms and a breakfast prepared by Walter Eselböck himself. Yoga sessions on the rooftop are another attraction for guests.

Walter Eselböck emphasizes the quality of regional products in Croatia and the passion of Croatian cuisine. Despite some initial concerns about the price trend in Croatia, Eselböck is confident and determined to make the best of the situation:

The seasonal produce here in Croatia is incredible. There are still many farmers offering vegetables and markets open daily with fresh produce. The first-class fish markets here are particularly noteworthy.
Walter Eselböck

For Eselböck, the joy of his work is paramount. With his many years of experience and unwavering enthusiasm for gastronomy, he is determined not only to spoil you with his culinary talents, but also to share the lifestyle and first-class restaurants that Croatia has to offer. The upcoming opening of Villa Valter (June 1) and Villa Evelina (mid-May) promises to be a new highlight in Istria's gastronomic scene and will undoubtedly be a magnet for gourmets from all over the world.


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Kristina Mitrovic
Kristina Mitrovic
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