Panoramic view over Mykonos town

Panoramic view over Mykonos town

Uber Boats launched on Greek island as part of company’s summer plans

Travellers visiting the holiday hotspot of Mykonos can now book a boat using the Uber app.

It seems a logical step for a taxi service to offer routes that involve vehicles other than cars, and now Uber boats is officially up and running on the Greek Island of Mykonos – the first time Uber has offered a private boat service on its app.

Uber is working with local boat companies on the idyllic Greek island, the app allowing customers to reserve journeys on the water, the only requirement that the trips need to be booked 45 minutes in advance.

Whether it’s a trip to a particular beach or destination, or a general sightseeing tour, the pricing is available to customers in advance, based on the time of booking and distance travelled: there is also the opportunity to schedule multiple stops and split fares with fellow passengers.

The Mykonos service is part of Uber’s summer launch across Europe’s holiday hotspots with summer taxi services also launching on the islands of Majorca, Tenerife, with their taxi provision also returning to Sicily and Sardinia, as well as becoming available in Croatia and Malta.

Sarita Varouch, general manager for Uber in Greece, told Travel + Leisure: “With so many thrilling travel plans on the horizon for our customers, we’re excited to be expanding our services to dozens of dazzling destinations across the Mediterranean and Balearic Seas.”

“Whether it’s using Uber Reserve to book an airport trip up to 90 days in advance, or booking an Uber Boat in Mykonos, we look forward to making your travel more seamless, reliable and magical than before.”

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