Known for specialties such as fish and chips and British pub culture, London is the most popular city for foodies.

Known for specialties such as fish and chips and British pub culture, London is the most popular city for foodies.
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These are Europe's best cities for foodies

The lifestyle magazine "Dailybase" reveals the best European cities for foodies. London tops the list with the highest number of 5-star ratings for restaurants. It is followed by Paris and Barcelona with their exquisite cuisine.

If you are planning a gourmet trip through the best cuisine in Europe for your next vacation, you should choose your destination carefully. It's worth taking a look at the best list: the Dutch lifestyle magazine Dailybase analysed data from the travel platform Tripadvisor to determine the best-rated cities in Europe for foodies.

The culinary crown has been placed on the UK's capital: with a total of 2,906 5-star ratings for eateries, London takes the title of "Best European City for Foodies". Known for its traditional pub culture, British specialities such as fish and chips and the popular English breakfast, London is the perfect destination for your next city break.

Very close behind is the French capital Paris with a total of 2,898 5-star ratings from "Tripadvisor". Gourmets love the culinary specialities of the top-rated cafés and bistros in the "City of Love". In third place is the lively city of Barcelona with 1,475 5-star ratings. Popular with holidaymakers for its exciting nightlife, the Spanish city delights foodies with classics such as tapas and paella.

Here are the ten best European cities for foodies:
(ranked according to the number of 5-star reviews of restaurants on Tripadvisor)

  • London, England: 2,906
  • Paris, France: 2,898
  • Barcelona, Spain: 1,475
  • Rome, Italy: 1,407
  • Athens, Greece: 1,403
  • Madrid, Spain: 1,395
  • Lisbon, Portugal: 1,177
  • Berlin, Germany: 1,074
  • Prague, Czech Republic: 1,015
  • Milan, Italy: 814

The city of Vienna, which was once again named the world's most liveable city in 2023 by "The Economy", failed to make it into the top 10 with a total of 724 5-star ratings. The Austrian capital nevertheless took 12th place in the ranking of 193 European countries.

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