Beer and pizza

Beer and pizza
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Supermarket launches beer-infused pizza


Aldi says the move was in response to the jump in Google searches for beer and pizza ahead of the big day for dads.

For many, the combination of pizza and beer is one to savour, but a supermarket has decided to go one step further by incorporating the two in one product beer-infused pizza.

The launch coincides with Father’s Day in the UK (June 18), the idea, according to Aldi, follows research showing a jump in Google searches for beer and pizza in the run up to Father’s Day 2022.

Described as “Specially Selected Gastro Beer Infused Beef Brisket Sourdough Pizza” the new product will be available at Aldi stores from June 15.

A statement from the supermarket read: “This Father’s Day, Dads can experience the ultimate wood-fired pizza, made with a unique special guest ingredient – beer! Google searches for beer and pizza shot up in the weeks before Father’s Day last year, proving they remain to be popular staples ahead of the big event.

“Dads will dine on this utter masterpiece that consists of a slow-cooked, beer-infused beef brisket, sitting atop a blend of creamy, mozzarella cheese and complimented by a crunchy sourdough crust – all in one incredible bite.”

The new pizza will retail at £4.99, and apparently can be eaten by everyone, and not just fathers.

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