Wiener Schnitzel at the "Schwarzes Kameel"

Wiener Schnitzel at the "Schwarzes Kameel"
© Schwarzes Kameel / Herbert Lehmann

Top 10: Best of Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna

It is not easy to make the perfect Wiener Schnitzel. The essential ingredient is, of course, the meat – genuine Wiener Schnitzel may only be prepared with veal.

The best schnitzel chefs have meat suppliers they trust to ensure the best quality and the perfect cut. It is a question of philosophy as to which cut is chosen. Established Viennese cooks appreciate the Kaiser part or the skin; others take Fricandeau or Nuss.

The meat should only be pounded very gently because the cell structure of the meat must not be destroyed so that it remains juicy. The schnitzel tastes best when it is fried in clarified butter and when the breading is nicely souffled, i.e. when the golden-yellow breading blisters and is airy. In search of the best Wiener Schnitzel, one must go to Vienna.

After passionate discussions, the Falstaff gourmet experts have agreed on these ten favourites:

Schwarzes Kameel

This noble inn in the heart of Vienna is indisputably one of the best addresses for a genuine Viennese schnitzel. For over 400 years, the "Kameel" has stood for the best Viennese hospitality and skilfully combines tradition and lifestyle.

Bognergasse 5, 1010 Vienna

Meissl & Schadn

This young restaurant in the Grand Ferdinand Hotel is dedicated to the Viennese schnitzel, which can be prepared in lard, clarified butter or oil. The name is borrowed from the restaurant icon from the Neuer Markt, which was destroyed in 1945, and ensures the highest expectations.

Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna

Meierei im Stadtpark

The popular flagship of the gourmet temple Steirereck not only offers a terrific cheese selection in the milk bar but also a delicious breakfast and dishes of Viennese cuisine. Among them is one of the best Wiener Schnitzel in town.

Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Vienna

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Meixner´s Inn

Like Asterix defending his village from the Romans as the last Gallic bastion, the parade host guards his inn in Favoriten from the overwhelming number of fast-food joints and kebab stalls. He has no magic potion, but his wife Berta has a miracle weapon, one of the best Wiener Schnitzels in the Danube metropolis.

Buchengasse 64, 1100 Vienna

Restaurant Eckel

Christine Mueller-Zarl is the fourth generation to run the Sievering classic "Eckel". Schnitzel has been pounded, breaded and baked there for just as long. You can taste the experience.

Sieveringer Strasse 46, 1190 Vienna

Gasthaus zu den drei Hacken

This is one of the most authentic inns in the city centre and, as befits its status, has a beautiful Viennese schnitzel made with clarified butter on the menu. A pervasive wine selection makes the stay a pleasure.

Singerstraße 28, 1010 Vienna

Oswald und Kalb

The wonderful Beisl in the old university quarter is mainly devoted to the Wiener Schnitzel. It is cut by hand from the calf's skin, tenderly pounded, breaded with breadcrumbs from the Kaisersemmel and then pan-fried.

Bäckerstraße 14, 1010 Vienna


The most popular Viennese Beisl of the Falstaff community in 2017. Gmoakeller has Viennese cuisine of a consistently high standard. The main dish is the Wiener Schnitzel, considered a valuable cultural asset.

Am Heumarkt 25, 1030 Vienna

Gasthaus Wolf

Gasthaus Wolf is an authentic Viennese inn from the Resopal era that has been re-adapted to a high standard. The Falstaff internal discussion immediately found a majority of supporters for one of the best Viennese Schnitzels.

Große Neugasse 20, 1040 Vienna

Pichlmaiers zum Herkner

The “Herkner” was a legendary suburban inn that always served fantastic Viennese schnitzel. After a two-year slumber, it was carefully and coherently revitalised by the Pichlmaier brothers. Much has remained the same, but the Wiener Schnitzel has possibly become even better.

Dornbacher Strasse 123, 1170 Vienna

Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper

The Plachutta family has dedicated itself entirely to the original Wiener Schnitzel with its branch in Walfischgasse near the Opera. As with the Tafelspitz in the other locations, they devote their full attention to the Viennese classic in the golden-yellow breading and thus reliably achieve high quality in a cosy ambience.

Walfischgasse 5-7, 1010 Vienna

Pork schnitzels

When we speak of Wiener Schnitzel, we can only mean veal schnitzel. Nevertheless, there are also excellent pork schnitzels, for which some establishments have made a name for themselves. More than an insider tip is the legendary Café Anzengruber in the Freihausviertel near Naschmarkt. Gastronomy experts rave about the "Automat-Welt" on Volkertplatz in Leopolstadt. And of course, the "Figlmüller" should not go unmentioned, which also offers veal escalopes, but scores (especially with tourists) with huge pork escalopes.

Editor's note: Vienna and its Wiener Schnitzel, emotions run high, and it is difficult to limit yourself to ten tips. If you have a valuable schnitzel tip for us, please send it to

Recommendations from the community:

Blauensteiner - Gastwirtschaft zur Stadt Paris, Lenaugasse 1, 1080 Vienna

Zum Friedensrichter, Obere Donaustraße 57, 1020 Vienna

Bernhard Degen
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