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Two Michelin-starred Ösch Noir guests Tivoli in Copenhagen


The German gourmet restaurant Ösch Noir has moved from the Black Forest to Tivoli in Copenhagen for a month. With them, they have brought their two-star Michelin kitchen and some iconic wines from their cellar, which will surely attract Danish wine aficionados to the amusement park.

Tivoli is Copenhagen's most visited tourist attraction with more than two million visitors each year. Normally, it is the roller coasters, carousels, and the assortment of ice cream, cotton candy, and other sweets that draw visitors; but recently, it has also become attractive for culinary enthusiasts to step inside the historic amusement park. About three years ago, Tivoli decided to transform one of their most famous buildings, The Japanese Pagoda, into a dynamic pop-up restaurant with rotating top restaurants throughout the year. Several gourmet restaurants have since visited Tivoli and now it is the turn of the German gourmet restaurant Ösch Noir from the southern part of the Black Forest.

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Paradise for wine lovers

From June 7th to July 12th, Tivoli visitors can experience the pop-up, where they can enjoy chef Manuel Ulrich's creative kitchen based on the best ingredients subjected to a solid portion of flavours from Asia. The restaurant opened at the Öschberghof hotel in 2018 with Ulrich as head chef, and in 2019 it earned its first Michelin star, which doubled to two in 2020. However, it is not only Ulrich's creative kitchen that Ösch Noir has brought to Tivoli. The cargo is also filled with some of the world's most iconic wines, which have also made Ösch Noir a popular destination for German wine lovers at its home address. Now, Danes and other visitors to Tivoli can look forward to unique wine experiences as well.

Ösch Noir presents two wine pairings at Tivoli. One focuses on both well-known as well as more unknown German wines ranging from Riesling from the iconic producer Dönnhoff in Nahe to something as unusual as Sangiovese from ExNicrum in Württemberg. The other wine pairing is a long cavalcade of famous top wines such as G-Max Klaus Peter Keller in Rheinhessen to Mazy-Chambertin from Armand Rousseau in Burgundy and Château d'Yquem in Sauternes. Additionally, Ösch Noir offers four more wines by the glass, which will surely make Danish wine lovers want to reserve a table. These are:

It is not every day you see these types of wines by the glass, but according to head sommelier Michael Häni, this is something that makes Ösch Noir special.

"We sell 240 bottles from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti a year in the restaurant, and all by the glass. These are some of the most famous and sought-after wines in the world, and we want as many guests as possible to enjoy them. Therefore, we only sell them by the glass, and that is how it will also be at Tivoli," he says.

French and Asian nuances

At Tivoli, guests can look forward to experiencing a menu composed and inspired by Ösch Noir's classic and vegetarian menu. Characteristic of the menu is Manuel Ulrich's classic French approach with added Asian flavors and nuances. A good example is the juicy confit lobster in an airy tom yum bisque with shiitake mushrooms and shellfish and coriander oil, where the Thai flavours are unleashed, while the dish with delicately prepared Faroese salmon, ossetra caviar and a foamy beurre blanc with chive oil presents a more pure French expression. Common to all the dishes on Manuel Ulrich's menu is that they are tasty, elegant, and inviting, and the head chef is also excited to present his kitchen to the people of Copenhagen. "It is really exciting for the whole team to be here. It is unique to have the opportunity to run a restaurant in Tivoli, and we look forward to giving many happy guests a delightful experience in both food and wine," says Manuel Ulrich.

Ösch Noir's pop-up can be experienced in the Japanese Tower from Thursday to Monday from 18:30. Read more about the pop-up here.

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