Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Hollywood star told sports kit doesn’t wash at Japanese restaurant

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Russell Crowe and partner turned away from Melbourne establishment after turning up in tennis gear.

While some restaurants would let a Hollywood A-lister dine if they were wearing a bin bag and flip flops, one renowned eatery was happy to tell Russell Crowe his attire was unsuitable for a table at their particular establishment.

It should reassure many that the rules of Mr Miyagi in Melbourne, Australia, apply to all, no matter who they are, and turning up in tennis gear after enjoying a couple of sets with his partner Britney Theriot was a definite no-no for the Japanese fusion restaurant.

Staff cited the strict dress-code with the venue “consistent” with its rules, as owner Kristian Klein explained. “We treat everyone the same,” Klein told the Herald Sun. “It doesn’t matter who you are, or if you are Russell Crowe.

“We’ve got a dress code that we that we push across every level. So, whoever it is, it stays the same."

The Gladiator star’s agent Grant Vandenberg was happy to expand on exactly what Crowe was wearing, labelling his shirt as a “brand new Ralph Lauren”.

The owner later admitted that the staff who had turned the couple away didn’t actually know who they were, but confirmed the same rules apply to everyone. He did, however, hold out an olive branch when saying he would “love to” have the star and Theriot back – no doubt, so long as they were suitably attired.

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