Kylie Minogue became famous as Charlene in the Aussie soap Neighbours.

Kylie Minogue became famous as Charlene in the Aussie soap Neighbours.

A pinot noir inspired by Kylie Minogue – I should be so lucky!

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Singing star launches two new wines in Australia.

The princess of pop is stepping up her business interests following a return to her homeland, with a new pinot noir and chardonnay becoming part of the Kylie Minogue Wines range.

The 54-year-old became famous in her role as Charlene in Aussie soap Neighbours, before launching a pop career that has spanned five decades; she started her wine brand in 2020 with a rose, and recently expanded into the American market.

She teamed up with De Bortoli Wines in Yarra Valley, just an hour from where she grew up, with the two latest offerings produced by renowned wine makers Steve Webber and Leanne De Bortoli.

“Once we had launched the rose, which was a success, the next conversation was we needed an Australia wine,” said Kyle, who spent 30 years living in London as she saw her music career blossom with a string of hit records. “I love that (this wine is) in Victoria. I’m really proud of that.”

Her move into the US wine market this year saw her perform at the iconic Café Carlyle in New York City, along with hosting an online wine tasting.

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