A London restaurant has taken top place in the best steak rankings.

A London restaurant has taken top place in the best steak rankings.
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The 101 Best Steak Restaurants in the World

Upper Cut Media House presents the world's best steak restaurants in its 2022 ranking – and a London steakhouse has beaten Buenos Aires for the top slot.

Each year, Upper Cut Media House selects the 101 best steak restaurants in the world. This year, Hawksmoor, a London restaurant, made it to first place. "Not only the taste, texture and preparation of the steak cuts convince us, but also key factors such as breeding, feeding, maturing and the respectful treatment of cattle from exclusively local and extensive farming," a statement from the London-headquartered Upper Cut said.

In second place is Parrilla Don Julio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was recognised for its signature cuts such as Bife de Cuadril (sirloin) and Entraña (skirt steak). Third place goes to Firedoor, a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, which mainly serves Australian meat such as Black Angus or Wagyu. 

Top 10 Steak Restaurants

  1. Hawksmoor, London
  2. Parrilla Don Julio, Buenos Aires
  3. Firedoor, Sydney
  4. Keens, New York
  5. Gibson's Italia, Chicago
  6. Cut, Beverly Hills
  7. Bavette's Steak House, Las Vegas
  8. Carcasse, Koksijde
  9. El Capricho, Jiménez de Jamuz
  10. Nick & Stef's Steak House, Los Angeles

How the restaurants are assessed

The restaurants were evaluated on six main criteria. First and foremost, the quality of the meat offered in terms of taste, terroir, character, marbling, cut, preparation and tenderness. The selection of the meat (maturation, origin, breeds) and the quantity of the steak cuts offered are also taken into account, as well as the service quality and product knowledge. The description of the cuts offered on the menu also plays a role, as does the handling of reservations. In addition, the interior design and appearance of the restaurant is evaluated.

Full details of all the winners: worldbeststeaks.com

US makes up half of top 10

The US was well representated in the top 10, with five restaurants making the grade. Keens in New York grabbed fourth place, followed by Gibson's Italia in Chicago at number five. The Beverley Hills branch of Cut, backed by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, came in at number six, trailed by Bavette´s Steakhouse in Las Vegas, Carcasse in Belgium and El Capricho in Spain. Nick & Stef’s Steak House in Los Angeles rounded out the top 10 for the first time.

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