Soups & curries are warming and healthy.

Soups & curries are warming and healthy.
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Warm Soups & Curries for Cold Days

Whether it be classic meat broths, exotic phos or spicy curries: these warming dishes make the mid winter days more bearable.

We're all feeling it right now –  winter is approaching its next stage and the cold is taking hold. Now is the time to provide comforting warmth from within with these recipes! 

Give classics like cream soups a new twist or make homemade chicken soup a perennial favourite in the kitchen. Due to their immune system-strengthening properties, the latter in particular cannot be served often enough during these pandemic times.

It is well known that numerous exotic spices, such as ginger, turmeric and others, work wonders for health. That's why recipes from the Far East are also very popular. Try an aromatic Pho or Laksa Lemak, the famous noodle soup from Malaysia. Curries made from vegetables, tofu, meat or fish have a beguiling aroma and provide a temporary escape from our wintry everyday life.

Our Top 8 Soups and Curries

The Falstaff editors have put together their favourites for cold days:

  1. Invigorating Chicken Soup
  2. Vietnamese Pho Bo
  3. Roasted Cherry Tomato & Turmeric Soup
  4. Celeriac Soup with Tonka Bean
  5. Green Curry 
  6. Formai de Mut Ravioli with Chicken Broth
  7. Beetroot Soup with Crème Fraîche
  8. Laksa Lemak 

Scroll down for even more warming recipe ideas. We hope you enjoy browsing and wish you good luck in the kitchen!

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