Mattia Muggittu.

Mattia Muggittu.
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Wine grower versus Red Bull: “I have not copied anyone”

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Mattia Muggittu speaks about his legal dispute with the drinks giant.

A Sardinian wine grower has been forced to defend himself against Red Bull, the Austrian drinks giant insisting that the family wine company logo is too similar to its own.

Mattia Muggittu revealed he has been asked to remove the logo from its produce, and when quizzed by Falstaff of the next stage in the dispute, he admitted: “I am not sure what can happen now and if Red Bull can take a step back or not. The fact is that I have not copied anyone.” He explained how their logo represents the tradition of his family’s wine and its Sardinian heritage – according to Mr Muggittu, the oxen logo they use is a symbol of viticulture.

“Our lawyer, Mauro Intaglio, is quite optimistic because the two logos do not look alike at all,” added Mr Muggittu, who also spoke of how delighted he was with the reaction from Italy and other countries. “I was overwhelmed by messages of solidarity from all over the world,” he said, “it helped give me some relief and serenity.”

Mr Muggittu is 23 years old and passionate about viticulture; he is currently studying to graduate to become an oenologist. He manages the small family vineyards, which have a size of five hectares, with “passion and love”. His family runs a small organic farm, and he wants to do everything possible to “respect and enhance the territory”.

“A few months ago, after many sacrifices, I created my first bottle of red wine (Cannonau), which will be sold shortly,” added Mr Muggittu, who also wants to produce rosé wine. “I do this job with the intention of not losing the traditions of my country.”

Robert Prazak
Editor Falstaff International
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