Wagyu beef tataki.

Wagyu beef tataki.
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Wagyu beef tataki

Chef Franck Garanger reveals his recipe for Wagyu beef tataki with wakame salad and smoked Kampot black pepper.

French top chef Franck Garanger, Head of Culinary at Explora Journeys, has worked alongside well-known chefs like Paul Bocuse and Thierry Max. For Falstaff, he reveals his recipe for Wagyu beef tataki.

For the beef

Ingredients (10 servings)
600 g Wagyu sirloin steak 4-cm square (60-gr / port)
20 g teriyaki sauce

For the garnish

Ingredients (10 servings)
200 g wakame salad (ready to serve)
20 g teriyaki sauce
80 g shallots, finely sliced in rings and fried (140°C)
5 g smoked black Kampot pepper mill
1 box of micro cress


  • For the beef: cut rectangular portion of 50-gr steak.
  • Before service, marinate the beef with the teriyaki marinade and reserve refrigerated.
  • At the order, using gas torch, burn all sides of the beef to brown coloration.
  • Slice each portion by five and place over the plate.
  • Spoon wakame salad over.
  • Finish with micro cress, crispy shallots and smoked kampot black pepper over.