Falstaff Wineguide Germany 2021

Falstaff Wineguide Germany 2021

“A nice trip down memory lane,” noted one of our tasters about the rather classical Grauburgunder Spätlese from the Birkweiler Rosenberg site, which also happens to bear a historic label: after all, Weingut Grasmück in Birkweiler was founded as early as 1667. What a pairing this wine would be with roast haunch of venison with cranberry sauce and Spätzle! Yet, Simon Grasmück also likes to experiment and show courage. He does so with “Quantum S”, an unusual barrique-aged blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Scheurebe, showing both density and fruity charm. Grasmück clearly has courage!


  • Contact Person: Simon Grasmück
  • Winemaker: Simon Grasmück
  • Tasting room
  • Production Style: Conventional
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 11


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