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Restaurant Guide: The best restaurants in Lithuania 2024

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At the end of the last decade, Lithuania's restaurants were the least known of the three Baltic states, if not the dullest. Now everything has changed. With new restaurants popping up all the time, Falstaff proudly launches its inaugural Lithuanian Restaurant Guide 2024.

Lithuania is far from Central Europe if you think about it. It's almost exactly 1,000 kilometres from Berlin to Vilnius. The 50 restaurants recommended by Falstaff are 50 good, but very different reasons to take a trip to Lithuania this summer.

In the small fishing port of Ventes Ragas, you can sail your own boat, spend the night in a nineteenth-century beach hut, and dine in the restaurant (84 Falstaff’s points) for a taste of traditional inshore fishing. Or visit the imposing Senatoria Pasaža in Vilnius' old town, where a quarter of shops and restaurants offer sustainably produced food and drink. One of the pearls among them is the best restaurant in Lithuania – Nineteen18 (95 Falstaff points).

Lithuania's once very uniform and predictable restaurant scene has developed in recent years, becoming a vibrant, diverse and surprising one. Most of the good restaurants are concentrated in the capital, Vilnius. However, it's a good idea to drive or hire a car and explore further afield. This is the best way to have a taste of the diversity that Lithuania currently has on offer.

Even if your summer holiday is all about the beach, Lithuania has plenty to offer. The sandy beaches of Palanga and Nida are virtually endless. The many summer-only restaurants turn the area into a mini-Lithuania during the holiday months, where you can enjoy all the flavours the country has to offer.



A restaurant serving organic food from its own 700-hectare farm! The Chef's table is the best place for dining in the elegantly furnished restaurant. Here you can see that the restaurant is not a workplace for staff, but a lifestyle. Nineteen18 offers guests a unique dining experience.
Dominikonų g. 11
01131 Vilnius
Chef Gaspar Fernandes embraces Goan heritage and strives for perfection. And he is close to it! Seasonal menu, meticulous attention to details, impeccable service, Portuguese roots reflected in the wine list… it's all earned him loyal guests and many followers that are eager to see – what’s next?
Pylimo gatvė 23-3
01141 Vilnius
On the outskirts of Vilnius, legendary chef Oželis runs an exclusive dining spot that transcends the traditional restaurant concept. Open only to small private groups, Oželis serves crème de la crème dishes from his years of expertise. It’s a place for those who fully trust their plates to the chef.
Kregžlės km.10
15120 Vilnius

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