Kit Kat for breakfast, anyone?

Kit Kat for breakfast, anyone?

Nestlé urges cereal lovers to have a breakfast break

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April will see the launch of the latest in breakfast offerings as the Kit Kat gets a makeover.

While most people see a chocolate wafer as a treat you enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea, Nestlé has decided to cause a stir in the breakfast world by launching Kit Kat cereal which it says captures the “essence of the original chocolate bar”.

The new product will hit the supermarket shelves next month with the company saying the crispy cereal squares are “sure to delight loyal Kit Kat fans”.

Described as being made with a milk-chocolate flavoured coating, the new cereal will be a source of five vitamins as well as calcium and iron.

Sarah Fordy, head of marketing at Cereal Partners UK & Ireland, said it “has been developed to cater to consumers who are looking for an occasional, indulgent breakfast option that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.”

The Kit Kat dates back almost 90 years to the Rowntree’s factory in York, inspired when a workers’ suggestion box in 1935 included the request: Why not make something to eat in a pack up? The pack up was a pack lunch, with the confectionary product resulting from the request going on to become a global success story – in 2014 it was named by Time magazine as the most influential confectionary bar of all time.

Around 18 billion fingers of Kit Kat are produced every year with UK production still in York, Nestle acquiring the brand when it took over Rowntree’s in 1988. The new product looks like a smaller version of the four-finger Kit Kat and will come under the Nestlé cereal brand.

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