El Bulli

El Bulli
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The former best restaurant in the world, El Bulli, reopens as a museum

The museum on the Costa Brava is a tribute to the 1,846 dishes created, and could become a pilgrimage site for foodies.

From its opening in 1961 until its closure in 2011, El Bulli in a secluded bay of the Costa Brava north of Barcelona was a magnet for gourmets and foodies from all over the world.

The success of the restaurant, which was only open from April to October each year, was inextricably linked to the name of Ferran Adrià, a visionary chef who is considered one of the most influential and innovative of his time, with a menu which included molecular dishes, edible foams, frozen nitrogen, and aromatic mists.


The myth of El Bulli is being revived more than ten years after its closure: under the name elBulli1846 – a tribute to the 1,846 dishes created in the restaurant – the story of the legendary house is told in 69 installations in a 4,000 square metre venue. Foodies can also discover hundreds of photos, records and wax models of El Bulli dishes.

“Reopening a place that has meant so much to millions of people gives us great pleasure. We also want to enrich our area with an attractive cultural offer,” said Lluís García, CEO of the elBullifoundation.

Julia Emma Weninger
Julia Emma Weninger
Editor in Chief Digital
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