Tarte Au Chocolat Avec Caviar by Chef Bruno Verjus

Tarte Au Chocolat Avec Caviar by Chef Bruno Verjus
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Tarte Au Chocolat Avec Caviar


Chef Bruno Verjus of Restaurant Table, Paris, shares this recipe with Falstaff.

Bruno Verjus
Paris-based chef Bruno Verjus is larger than life and in his Parisian Restaurant, Restaurant Table, guests are treated to a menu created by the “self-taught chef”. Despite his modesty and friendly hospitality, the former journalist and food critic is completely serious about the dishes served in his award-winning two-Michelin starred restaurant in France's capital. Working with his favourite producers and only using seasonal ingredients, expect an experience for the senses at Restaurant Table - who else could embellish a simple chocolate tart with such flair? Oui, Chef Verjus can. Michelle Tchea shares her favourite Bruno Verjus recipe.

Ingredients (4 servings)
120 g Peru Chocolate
1 teaspoon(s) 1 teaspoon capers or approximately 12 grams capers - drained
200 g double cream
6 g Osetra Caviar
Pastry shell - ready made 8cm tart shell
  • Chop and Infuse caper in cream over a low flame until cream is just simmering.
  • Remove capers and discard.
  • Break the dark chocolate in a clean bowl and pour the cream on top of the chocolate.
  • Slowly pour the chocolate and cream mixture into the pre-baked (and cooled) tartelette shell.
  • Leave the filled tartelette on the kitchen bench for a minimum of two hours to set. Do not place it in the fridge.
  • When ready to serve, scoop a giant spoonful of Osetra Caviar on top.

Chef Bruno Verjus recommends serving with Vermouth.


For the chocolate, dark is best and Chef Bruno recommends Peru chocolate from Nicolas Berger or Alain Ducasse.

Bruno Verjus
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