'World's Oldest Single Malt Scotch' Will Be Auctioned off Next Month

The “Oldest Single Malt Scotch” Will Be Auctioned off Next Month

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The “Oldest Single Malt Scotch” Will Be Auctioned off Next Month

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World’s oldest single malt Scotch

Sotheby's auction house has teamed up with whiskey creators Gordon & MacPhail to auction off what it claims is the oldest single malt Scotch whiskey ever bottled.

The whiskey is from the Glenlivet Distillery and has matured in an oak cask, Cask 340, since 1940. The first bottling of this 80-year-old Scotch, called Decanter #1 will be auctioned in Hong Kong on October 7. Since age is the best-selling point, the price is estimated at $100,000 to $200,000. The expensive whiskey will come in a special decanter and oak case, designed by the award-winning architect and designer Sir David Adjaye.

"Maturing a single malt Scotch over eight decades is an art, similar in many ways to architecture where you are creating something that needs to stand the test of time," Ewen Mackintosh, Gordon & MacPhail's managing director, said.

Rare whiskies with high price tags

The price of the 249 additional decanters of this 80-year-old Scotch has not yet been announced, but whiskey fans can contact gordonandmacphail.com for more information. The proceeds from the auction of this first bottle will be donated to the Scottish charity Trees for Life. 

Last year, Sotheby’s sold a six-bottle set from The Macallan Red Collection at auction in London for $975,756. The proceeds went to the food charity City Harvest London.