Bowmore ARC-52: The Mokume Edition

Bowmore ARC-52: The Mokume Edition
Sotheby´s / photo provided

Bidders have the chance to own rare whisky collaboration between Bowmore and Aston Martin

The ‘Bowmore ARC-52: The Mokume Edition’ is expected to fetch in the region of £200,000 with bidding opening in May.

A limited edition 52-year-old Bowmore whisky will be auctioned at Sotheby’s with bidding opening on May 12, with indications that the rare Aston Martin-designed decanter could fetch in excess of £200,000.

The name Bowmore ARC-52: The Mokume Edition comes from the Japanese metalworking technique ‘Mokume-Gane’, where layers of different metals are fused together – Aston Martin using the technique as an inspiration when working on their highly individual decanter design.

The whisky is described as a ‘spectacular marriage’ of some of the oldest Bowmore vintages from the 1960s, the finish imitating the black rocks in the Bay of Loch Indaal, the Islay spot where the distillery is located, and the inside of the charred cask where the whisky was aged.

“Bowmore’s Mokume encapsulates all the hallmarks of a collector’s perfect whisky: a collaborative venture with Aston Martin to create an exceptional vessel containing a unique liquid of exceptional quality, never to be bottled again,” said Jonny Fowle, head of whisky and spirits at Sotheby’s, with estimates putting the potential price of the decanter at between £140,000 and £220,000. “Bowmore consistently push boundaries with their design concepts and their whiskies are truly world beating.”

The finish imitates the black rocks in the Bay of Loch Indaal.
Sotheby´s / photo provided
The finish imitates the black rocks in the Bay of Loch Indaal.

Bidding continues from May 12 through to May 26. A previous decanter of Bowmore created in conjunction with Aston Martin sold for £400,000 in December 2021; the Bowmore Onyx 51 Year Old 1970 was presented in a hand-blown, 1.4l black glass vessel.

As well as the rare bottle, the winning bidder will also be given a VIP experience at Bowmore Distillery, including a tour of the island of Islay in the brand’s first luxury SUV, the Aston Martin DBX Bowmore Edition.

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