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Finnish Distillery Holds 'One-of-a-Kind' Festival in August

Looking for a festival a bit off the beaten track? Kyrö Distillery is holding a one-of-a-kind festival on 20 August near Vaasa in Finland.

Held at the Kyrö distillery in the small town of Isokyrö near Vaasa in Finland, the festival on 20 August 2022 is billed as “one-of-a-kind".

Finnish artists will perform and “visitors can enjoy distillery tours with our founders, tastings with our head distillers and cocktail workshops. Not to mention delicious food, wonderful cocktails and truly unique athmosphere," the distillery says. 

Kyrö was dreamed up by a group of friends in a sauna, who pondered why noone was making their own rye whisky in Finland. Beginning production in 2014, the craft distillery now sells whiskys and gins from 100% whole-grain Finnish rye. 

Just one tip....if you plan to head to the festival, keep the Finnish summer weather in mind. Organisers recommend bringing “a woolly shirt.”

For more information, visit the Kyrö website

Catherine Walbridge
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