Macallan Bottle Sells for Record$ 1.9 Million

Macallan Bottle Sells for Record$ 1.9 Million
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Macallan Whisky Cask Sells for Record $2.33 Million

The Macallan has a history of record-breaking sales achievements. This year, a Macallan whisky cask has sold for $2.33m.

Another whisky sale record

When it comes to the price of whisky, The Macallan has dominated the list of the most expensive whisky bottles ever sold at auction. This year, a cask of Macallan 1991 Scotch has set a new record with a final price of $2.33 million. The 30-year-old cask is one of the most sought after whisky casks in history. 

This cask content is expected to produce around 600 bottles of 51.1-percent ABV Scotch, making an average per-bottle price of about $3,880. This latest record shatters its previous record: a similar Macallan 1991 cask, which contains about 200 bottles, selling for $572,978 in August. 

Known as the record-breaker in the whisky world, The Macallan has achieved skyrocketing auction bids with its Valerio Adami 1926 ($1.07m), Michael Dillon 1926 ($1.53m) and Fine and Rare 1926 ($1.9m). 

A modern technological help to boost the value

Adding to the desirability of the cask is a technological twist. Instead of using a photo for verification purposes, the brokerage VCL Vintners chose to auction off the cask with a non-fungible token courtesy of NFT artist Trevor Jones. The artist was commissioned to create an abstract representation called The Angel's Share.

'"Our goal is to bring wonderfully complex and old things to as many new people as possible, and to enhance their understanding and access to it through technology," VCL Vintners Director shared with 

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