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Serbia's wine revolution: the best wines

For many wine lovers, Serbia as a wine country is still a blank sheet - a circumstance that is likely to change in the near future. Because too good and too varied is the range of exciting products that this wine region has to offer.

In September 2022 a new era began for the Serbian wine industry and its partners from Northern Macedonia and Albania with the premiere of a new wine fair called "Wine Vision by Open Balkan" in Belgrade. Lively visitor interest among experts from Western Europe and overseas proved that the time is ripe to explore a white spot on the international wine map.

Sommeliers and representatives of the wine trade had the opportunity in the Serbian capital to get a picture of the state of development in Serbian wineries - and they were thoroughly impressed. In a relatively short time, thanks to major investments, a lively, modern wine scene has developed here, with a range that leaves hardly anything to be desired. The country, which is as scenic as it is diverse, offers optimal conditions for numerous grape varieties, and so the usual suspects from the international must-have assortment have long since found their way here: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot can be found here in top quality. But the real strength of the wine region lies in the local and autochthonous grape varieties. Serbia produces more white wine than red wine, and the country has several hot irons in the fire.

There is the Grašac, which is backed by the Welschriesling variety, which reaches its peak especially in the Srem appellation. The Tamjanica produces complex Muscat wines which can be found all over the country, but also performs at its best in central Serbia - as does the red Prokupac, which today can already be predicted a steep international career.

2020 Vinčić Grašac Grand Fru - 95 Falstaff points
Vinčić Vinogradi Vinarija, Šid

13% by volume, NK. Medium yellow green, silver reflections. Delicate yellow tropical fruit, hints of almond and marzipan, pineapple, fine acacia blossom honey. Juicy, elegant, good complexity, salty nuances, fine white tropical fruit, lemony touch in the finish, a versatile food wine, well balanced, needs more time to mature.


2012 Vinčić Grasač White Reserve - 95 Falstaff points
Vinčić Vinogradi Vinarija, Šid

Bright medium golden yellow, silver reflections. Fine floral honey, ripe yellow tropical fruit, pineapple, a touch of candied orange zest. Juicy, elegant, fine fruit expression, ripe mango, delicate acidity, honeyed touch in the finish, an approachable food wine, lemony-salty in the echo. Some mint and vervain on the back palate, very good balance and length, has reached its drinking peak, great wine.


2022 Trijumf Gold - 94 Falstaff points
Vinarija Aleksandrović, Topola

13.5% by volume, NK. Light yellow green, silver reflections. Nuances of fresh guava and gooseberry, white tropical fruit, fine herbal spice, delicate smoky spice, inviting bouquet. Elegant, fine white stone fruit nuances, delicate fruitiness, integrated acidity, mineral-salty finish, very well balanced and long lingering, some mango in the finish too. Very approachable with good ageing potential.

vinobre.at, 20,90 Euro

2017 Furmint Kew - 94 Falstaff points
Ernő Sagmeister, Magyarkanizsa

13.5% by volume, DIAM. Light greenish yellow, silver reflections. Attractive bouquet, nuance of quince underlaid with lime zest, floral touch, some saffron, fresh bouquet reminiscent of ripe Riesling. Juicy, again reminiscent of Alsace, fruity and deep, fine honey touch, very good length, a textured wine for the table, a touch of caramel in the aftertaste.

samovino.com, 32 euros

2021 Matijašević Sovi Noa Fumé Blanc - 94 Falstaff points
Matijašević vinogradi, Orasac

13.5% by volume, NK. Light golden yellow, silver reflections. Fresh mango, but also ripe tropical fruit, delicate floral fruit. On the palate complex, juicy, ripe fruit, highly elegant, yellow fruit nuances, well-integrated acidity, already very well balanced and full of finesse, a textured food wine, great ripening potential, grapefruit in the aftertaste.

mv.vin, 35,80 Euro

2019 ChiChardonnay - 94 Falstaff points
Vinarija Chichateau, Ležimir

13.5% by volume, NK, Light golden yellow, silver reflections. Delicate reduction, hints of white peach, smoky, mineral, lime zest, less prominent flint than the previous year. Juicy on the palate, saline, elegant, ripe white peach fruit, integrated acidity, lingers long, a wine full of skillful understatement, future potential.

samovino.com, 39 euros

2019 Baša Tamjanika (Natural Wine) - 94 Falstaff points
Bojan Baša

14% by volume, DIAM. Light orange gold, silver reflections. Seductively complex bouquet of elderflower, peach, some lychee, but also jasmine and lime zest. Taut, finely-meshed palate, yellow and white fruit nuances, good freshness, minty, stony notes in the dry finish, delicately salty, hints of pine oil and marshmallows in the aftertaste.

samovino.com, 45 euros

2022 Bagrina Buksovska - 94 Falstaff points
Matalj Vinarija, Negotin

13% by volume, NK. Very pale yellow green, silver reflections. Hints of jasmine tea, orange blossom and acacia honey. Juicy, elegant, fine yellow stone nuances, very fine acidity, a touch of ripe peach, nice viscosity, balanced and mineral, shows good length and maturity, a wine of delicacy, a distinctly promising variety.


Peter Moser
Peter Moser
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